Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Powell arrival sparks hit record

Well, as January closed out hits to this humble Blog broke the record and crossed 11,000 for the first time as Addicks clammoured for news. January also saw the 250,000 hits marked reached since I started rambling three and a bit years back. 

As I have said before, I started this Blog almost by accident having stumbled across Blogger and having managed to write and post without realising just how simple it was to do. It was also at that point when we were all coming to terms with the realisation that we could be out of the Premier League for a while and the name was chosen as a reminder of the dark days of the late 70's when the football on offer at the Valley was as poor as I could remember and I would often be driven with many others under the Covered End to console ourselves with bottles of Light Ale because watching the match was so depressing. 

Thinking about it, if I was to start a new Blog today it might be called "Blogging during the Game" because I have found myself doing that on occasions in these last few years when I have been forced to leave early due to the embarrassing shambles being served up. 


Ketts said...

Congratulations on the two records Dave, both well deserved mate. Thanks also for being around when I've needed a bit of blogging advice.

Keep on keeping on, here's to the half million hits.

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations Dave - a well deserved accolade for one of the first blogs I turn to.

I remeber those dark late 70s days well. During one night game we played football against some Millwall fans on the bit of grass by the Bartram end (Milwall weren't playing..)

Pembury Addick

nelson said...

Congratulations Dave on getting numbers I can only dream of. And I can see why as DDTG is always a good read. Hope you enjoy the game tonight and see Chris get another three points.