Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bad choices

Sometimes in life we make bad choices and they hurt us. Lured once again by an unrealistic and almost unnatural optimism for Scotland's 6 Nations chances, I committed to the three home fixtures as well as the England match at Twickenham. Fortunately, that meant only missing one Valley match and that was yesterday's.

After the glorious three-try scoring defeat in Paris, the omens were good. The Welsh were coming with their tails firmly between their legs and we had the opportunity to inflict a second defeat upon them and put us firmly back in contention. Whilst I went to great effort and expense to be at the match, the Scottish players didn't really bother. They were there at kick-off, of course, but went into hiding almost immediately. I had to sit and endure the Welsh rack up 16 points without really trying. It was a pathetic Scottish showing and one which didn't improve after half-time. Oh yes, we huffed and puffed but our forwards under-performed again and the backs were chronically short on width and ambition. An error-strewn performance was summed up near the end when Dan Parks slipped as he took a penalty and the ball skidded embarrassingly along the turf.

Two games gone then and Scotland will attempt to avoid the Wooden Spoon and a spanking at Twickers. Frankly, I can wait.

I managed to forget my mobile yesterday so avoided any news of Charlton until I got back to my hotel room at Midnight. The League Show or whatever it's called was on, and I managed to stay awake for another hour to see the Valley action unfold. I am glad I was wrong about the score in this one too, although it sounded like another half-showing. If Powell can get us up to a 90 minute performance, we could be a serious threat.


Anonymous said...

I take it that the midnight arrival back at your hotel indicates the end to the "dry" season?
As you mentioned, poor first half, good second. Even stayed till final whistle.

Dave said...