Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wright-Phillips - what's not to like?

Late with the news again today but it's certainly worth commenting on. Jimenez and Slater have found the cash for the capture of Plymouth hot-shot Bradley Wright-Phillips. No figure has been given but it's suspected to be circa £275,000. BWP failed a medical at Reading recently which has some people in a quandary but I am reminded of the players we have missed in the past through over-caution about injury - John Hartson immediately springs to mind. At only 25, I think we have made a real steal here. Bradley has his father's genes (unlike half-brother Shaun) and his 13 goals for Plymouth give me every reason to believe he could notch ten more before May which might be sufficient with other contributions to fuel a prolonged promotion campaign.

Wright-Phillips is only five foot eight, so it will be hard to imagine him partnering Eccleston but the pair of them offer pace and goal-threat we have been short of and should provide able foils for whoever plays up with them.

Credit where credit's due. Jimenez and Slater have scored another direct hit with the fans and maybe we should stop expecting it all to go so horribly wrong and cut them a bit of slack. The fee paid might not be in the league some had hoped when news of the takeover broke, but it's exactly what they promised in terms of sensible and presumably affordable. We could never have made this acquisition if Richard Murray had to fund the mpney at this time.

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