Monday, 10 January 2011

Why Eddie Howe looks perfect for us

It would appear that we may be very close to concluding a deal with Eddie Howe to become the next manager of the Mighty Addicks. There are a number of reasons why I believe that would be as good a move as we could make at this time....

1) Eddie Howe has done a great job in making Bournemouth competitive in League One after guiding them to promotion last season.
2) He achieved promotion with a transfer embargo in place.
3) He has four years managerial experience and is only 33 years old.
4) He knows the player market in the lower leagues and he knows League One.
5) He won't be expensive and will come with a more modest ego than some in the frame.
6) Acquiring him would hurt a play-off rivals own hopes.
7) It would prove that Dennis Wise wasn't a done deal.
8) It would mean Michael Slater has only told one small fib and not two blatant lies.
9) it would be consistent with the approach outlined by Slater in terms of "within our means" and what's right for our club.
10) Best of all, it will anger Palace fans like nothing we have been able to manage since Jonathan Fortune last attacked a header with gusto. Trust me when I say they are foaming at the mouth over the prospect of us pinching Howe from under their noses. Us a League One club and Clowntown etc.

Fingers-crossed fellow Addicks, there could be a lot of mileage in this appointment if it comes to pass.


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe, but:

2. Does he have a good record in identifying players?
6. Not sure Bournemouth, newly promoted should be considered a promotion rival?
10. Picking a manager to annoy Palace fans isn't a good reason. Remember the last time we took on a manager in a similar situation....?

Ken Jennings said...

8) It would mean Michael Slater has only told one small fib and not two blatant lies.

It seems in vogue to claim dishonesty but maybe even with the best of intentions, he just changed his mind when he saw the Swindon horror show - and the supporters reaction to it.I know I would have done.

Still, if he had stuck with Parky after that debacle, the slaggers could have condemned him for that instead of calling him liar.

Anonymous said...

Parky came to us having been successful with Colchester Utd and failed. Who says Eddie Howe won't do the same? Would rather see a manager with real experience like Chris Hughton if he would drop to this level.

Anonymous said...

Tonight is proving rather eventful.

Firstly Howe needs time to consider, after watching the BBC videos, I won't be surprised if he stays at Dean Court, but would love to get him. I was impressed the first time I saw him play at the Valley, but we couldn't afford him at the time.

Secondly Gary Johnson has been sacked at Peterborough. I feel a tidal wave rising that might impact on us.

Thirdly, sky are now reporting Howe is one of up to 6 under consideration at the Valley.

I thing this will role. 21 days left in Transfer Window. CA

Dave said...

Anon - you may be right about his ability to pick players but he can certainly organise and motivate them. Two qualities we have been sorely lacking. I did say "play-off" rival. although they are sitting in second, five points above us as things stand. Take your point about Dowie, but let's not see that as a negative - it was great fun at the time, even if he was a managerial disaster. Howe already has a track record Dowie didn't have.