Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One in, one out

Due to a long day in the office, I am last with the news today that Charlton have secured the loan services of, wait-for-it, Liverpool striker, Nathan Eccelston! However, I may be the first blogger with news that Pawel Abbott is being loaned to Bristol Rovers?

There has been a fair bit of speculation about Eccleston in recent weeks and I believe some of the Twitter Addicks picked this up from the 20 year old directly. Twitter is really finding it's niche although I am scared to go back on for fear of being flooded with gallons of drivel. Like you, I know next to nothing about Mr Eccleston but he's a Liverpool prospect and that's good enough for me for now. Presumably this is a result of our famed tie-up with the Liver Birds, but it seems unfair that we have not sent Pawel Abbott up their as part of the deal? I have been saying for a long time that playing alongside a Torres-like foil would bring the best out of him.

I had high hopes when "Pav" was recruited but he has been very poor. He has looked a stone overweight all the time we have had him and at 47, I think I could beat him over ten yards. I guess this move signals the end for his Charlton career one way or another. Unfortunately, he won't be missed.

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Dave said...

I should have known Wynn would beat me to this. He tells us he is a globe-trotting expert on the Common Agricultural Policy or whatever, but I know he surfs the internet for a living!