Monday, 24 January 2011

The Olympic Stadium non-decision

Is it just me or does anyone else believe the fuss over who gets to play at the Olympic Stadium at Stratford post 2012 is the biggest foregone conclusion since the film Titanic? 

* The Stadium is in Stratford and the heart of West Ham territory. 
* The thought of Spurs fans making a fortnightly trip there is akin to us playing at the New Den.
* The local council backs West Ham's bid. 
* Spurs have already received planning permission to develop their spiritual home at White Hart Lane. 
* Lord Coe has even come out and broken the ice on Friday's decision by saying the only bid that should be acceptable is the one that retains a running track and will support athletics at the venue as well as football (West Ham's not Spurs').

Other than still awaiting an official pronouncement, I am amazed this is still newsworthy. I think the threat to Leyton Orient is probably the bigger story at the moment.

The Olympic Site is actually much closer to the Valley than many will realise. Take a look from the Newbridge at Blackheath Standard or from the crest of Charlton Lane, Lansdowne Lane or Charlton Church Lane next time you're on foot.


Miss Kish said...

Different association and hopefully different morals than Fifa. Look who won 2018. Nothing is a cast iron shoe in, money talks. Let's hope sense prevails on this one.

Suze said...

I promise not to detour when I come down for a match!

There are a fair few clubs who are closer than Spurs...

Anonymous said...

I take it your still off the beer and got your running shoes on?

Dave said...

ROTW - yes, still no alcohol since New Years Eve. Got out on Monday for my first run in month. Tin legs all week but out again tomorrow. Has to be done!