Saturday, 1 January 2011

Colchester United 3 v Charlton Athletic 3

Another unexpected point away from home in my book. We may have conceded the lead three times but we showed character to battle back on all three occasions and to even have had a fourth goal disallowed. Like at Brighton, Colchester had a man sent off early in the first half but we couldn't take advantage. Not sure what Parky can possible say this time, other than we can't beat ten men. Perhaps he'll claim Benson's late dismissal evened it up!

It was a frustrating match to listen to as there was so much happening and many of the big decisions we heard reported were changed by the referee (Miller), who appeared out to anger the home fans in the first half and the visitors in the second. Soft penalties, harsh sending offs and blatantly incorrect corner and throw-in decisions - he really didn't have a good game. I'm glad I wasn't there as I might have blown a gasket.

Brighton's 5-0 demolition of Leyton Orient has moved them six points clear of us and Southampton, although we now trail the Saints on goal difference courtesy of their four goal home romp over Exeter City.

Six clubs are pressed up behind us within three points including the unlikely sounding Brentford and Hartlepool. The stage is set for Bank Holiday Monday when we have home advantage and seven of our nearest nine have to travel. I have that horribly uncomfortable feeling again, even if Swindon did lose at home this afternoon. The Cup match at White Hart Lane may well come as welcome relief although I really do believe we are going to get a thumping.


Anonymous said...

Robbie's save from the free kick just before their first goal was probably the best I've ever seen from a Charlton keeper - he had to move from one post the other to keep it out. He was also our best player on the day - which says a lot about our performance.

Tht thing with Robbie is that he just loves the job of playing in goal for Charlton - you can tell from the pre match banter with the crowd, the disppointment of letting in a goal in the training session, and the absolute devastation of letting in goals during the game. He pulled something in rescuing a dodgy pass in the first half, and memories of Gills last season flooded back. I really thought he ought to come off. But he pulled off several excellent saves afterwards and I wouldn't blame him for any of the goals - despite getting kicked in the head by Fry after the second.

Robbie may be young, but for me he is a Charlton legend already.

Matty Fry got skinned three times before the Colchester sending off - and the same thing happened against Walsall. The programme piece at the latter said that left back isn't his natural position. Unless Parky plays Jacko at left back I think this has to be our first priority in the transfer market.

Simon Francis' distribution was really poor again. Parky won't replace him though as he is a recent signing.

Not a lot of creativity coming from midfield again - think we need a fresh face there. Its worrying that despite Colchester being down to 10 for an hour we just couldn't open them up.

Benson's goal was a peach though - we went really bananas when that went in. And I couldn't see anything wrong with his second goal, although a lot of Addicks I spoke to agreed with the ref that he was pushing down.

I was pleased that there were a few supporting chants for Murray and Parky. Both deserve it.

I'm not convinced I want Parky at the helm though. We've see about three quarters of the home games, and this was out first away; and we still haven't seen them play well yet and really beat a tema comfortably.

Strange though that when I mentioned to my son that Preston were after Parky, he said he didn't want him to go. My son is only 9, but he has good football judgement - so I hope we keep Parky.

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

Happy New Year PA. Rob Elliott has the potential to become another Sam Bartram if he stays with us. You can't see him ever asking for a move. As for Parky, I suspect like many others, he could be immediately successful after leaving us. As for Preston, the only reason he could possibly be interested would be a move back home. They offer him nothing we don't.