Friday, 31 December 2010

Takeover complete - it's Jimenez

Well 2010 finishes with announcement of one of the most protracted takeovers in footballing history.  Richard Murray has finally found a buyer who passes muster and hands the baton on to Tony Jimenez, through his Swiss-based CAFC Holdings Ltd. Jimenez's partner in this is Michael Slater, "a lawyer and businessman." Both men are in their forties.

Murray will remain on the board as a Director, although Slater is named as Chairman. Peter Varney is named as Executive Vice-Chairman and Stephen Kavanagh stays as Chief Executive.

The rest of the blurb is predictable enough in terms of ambitions and managing the club prudently etc. No announcement of January spending budgets or any mention of Dennis Wise, although he can't be far behind. It would appear that most of the rumours were right after all.

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Suze said...

Whatever the talk I think most fans will welcome a little stability for the coming months. We only need to look at Plymouth at present, being the next one to face the courts, to see what could've been.
It's been stated that there will be no Dennis change in management...and discussions over the next few days regarding some money for transfers.
One thing we won't be is mega rich...with all the expectations that carries.