Friday, 24 December 2010

The suspense is killing me

It's Christmas Eve. A day normally associated with relaxation after the hectic preparations for Christmas; the mad rush for last minute Christmas shopping and the close-down at work. I am normally enjoying a good few beers in my local with friends and neighbours at this time.

Truth be known, I have been over the road for a couple but there's hardly anyone about (the pub trade is finished) and I keep looking at my phone every three minutes in the hope there will be hugely significant news. You know, a Star in the East and all that. As a result, I am back home and logged on at top speed but still there's no news.

I am getting concerned. No-one but no-one wants to be working at 4pm on Christmas Eve. If you are a genuinely wealthy individual with prospects of owning a football club, especially if it's your club, you would want to be working to a timetable that got things done and dusted before Christmas Eve. That should be the day for the early announcement. The trumpeting of the deal to the waiting world and a photo-opportunity for the clinking of shampoo glasses. If you get delayed into Christmas Eve, you would expect a concession and an early close to the negotiation, unless of course there is a major stumbling block.

I am tempting fate here by posting this, of course, but my suspicion is that we either won't have an agreement today or that the announcement of any deal will be a relative disappointment. The haggling that I am guessing is going on is because Richard Murray is simply not getting the basic offer he requires in order to pass the baton on or the bidders are trying to force every last penny out of the deal. Either way, I think we can rule money-no-object buyers out of the equation and instead focus on the sort of people who might be seen as relatively short-term incumbents. I'm not getting a warm feeling.

There, I've said it. That should force an announcement of a stupendous deal. 

It may, of course, already have happened and been announced but I am getting error pages from the Official Site and Charlton Life, neither of which, presumably, can cope with the volume of Desperadoes looking for news.

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