Saturday, 25 December 2010

Hoping for a Boxing Day upset

It looks very much like tomorrow's match with Southampton will go ahead. The streets around the ground are clear and the pitch should be playable as temperatures are expected to get to a balmy 3C.

I will be interested in the pre-match odds here because I make Southampton warm favourites. Their recent form has been pretty good and they will come with what I am guessing will be close to a 3200 following. Our own recent record has been comparable but we all know we have not been playing well. Our own horror showing against Walsall matched the Saints own 2-0 home defeat by Brentford. Ordinarily I would take a 0-2 defeat here so I am pinning my hopes on one of those wild Boxing Day results. You know the ones, where inexplicably half your squad is missing or you play out-of-yours skins. In years gone by, my suspicion has often been that unprofessional behaviour involving partying and over-indulgence has played it's part either for or against us. Perhaps things have tightened up so much in recent years that there won't be any chance of that.

In that case, I will clutch at the proverbial straw and hope that the rumoured sell-off by the Liebherr family may be causing an under-current, the first impact of which was the home loss to the Bees.

Normally this would be a bumper gate and Southampton will play their part but our football at home has been poor and the Walsall wounds had salt applied as we rolled out of the JPT live on Sky. I'm guessing between 17-18,0000.


Anonymous said...

Dave, just a quick thank you this morning. For writing this blog. Throughout 2010 yours has easily been my favourite.
Enjoy the game today. I'm unable to get there, family duties have taken precedence. I'm hoping for a major improvement in our performance, but not really expecting it.

Wyn Grant said...

My Saints contacts expect a much smaller away crowd. Public transport is effectively non-existent.

Anonymous said...

Upset alright, just not the type everyone expected.

I have everyone makes best of the cancelation and get home safely.

Crowborough Addick

Dave said...

Daggs - thanks. Much appreciated.