Thursday, 9 December 2010

F A Cup Thursday

As the working days race by for me at the moment, my various gadgets are reminding me that the mighty Addicks are in F A Cup action this evening. The chances of me forgetting are pretty slim but if you have a gadget, of course, you have to use it. I have also got the relative inconvenience of having to go for a farewell drink with a short-term colleague this evening after work. As his line manager of three months or so, the short straw falls to me to say something appropriate about him and justify his 25 years service. His previous boss has wriggled out of it and I don't want to let him down. I will do my best but at 6.30 I will be taking my credit card and fleeing.

I won't be heading north. Instead I will be racing home from Cannon Street in the hope of getting to see the game on ESPN rather than have to suffer Emma's commentary, for which I was recently stung for another years subscription. The fact that the charge appeared on my statement as "Premium TV" had me worried for a minute that I might have strayed momentarily on the internet and clicked something I shouldn't have. The penny dropped eventually.

I was worried to read Wynn suggesting that you could get a two month subscription to ESPN because it implied we might need to make some arrangements prior to kick-off. I've just checked my Sky programme guide and strayed into unfamiliar territory but think I have managed to locate ESPN on channel 417. It looks like I have it, so maybe I'll get a slap in the face come kick-off because I need to subscribe. Let's see, I haven't got time or the where-with-all to sort it out now.

As far as the match is concerned, too many fellow Reds are already seeing this game as a foregone conclusion and worrying about third round tickets. I have to think about the first 90 minutes when we were fortunate in many ways to get a draw. Luton may have looked vulnerable at the back but the fact is they played all the football and took the game to us. Jose Semedo could make the difference if he can break up the Luton midfield but I suspect Luton will make the most of their home advantage and it will be very difficult for us this evening. Whilst a trip to White Hart Lane would be most welcome and bring back some big time memories, the excitement could prove to be short-lived and potentially damaging for an emerging side like ours.

If we do go out this evening, I will settle for an attacking and winning league performance against Walsall on Sunday and a better showing against the Bees on Tuesday (Sky), when we can move one side away from a fifth Wembley appearance since the war and our first at the new stadium. 

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