Monday, 22 November 2010

Google Smiles

Thought I'd share this gem.

1) Go to Google Maps.
2) In "Directions" or "Get Directions," enter "New York, NY" as your starting point (A) and China as your destination (B).
3) You will see that it is a journey of 12,206 miles and that there are 145 steps in making it.
4) Follow the directions supplied down to step 31.
5) Try to keep a straight face.

Amused me all day yesterday.


Hungry Ted said...

Better than a Boogie Board, I guess!

Valley Ant said...

Cheered up my Monday

ChicagoAddick said...

Brilliant. Only 2,756 miles. Easy for a fit bloke like you!

Anonymous said...

Try doing it on foot, and look out for John Wayne!

Steve (Bexhill) said...

Instruction 106 made me chuckle.. As if you would have a Kayak AND a jet ski!