Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dailly hope

We haven't had much luck when appealing red cards and suspensions over the last few years. With something of a reputation from our Premiership days of being continual moaners, it would appear as if we have been given short-shrift by the authorities when complaining about decisions. That could be a load of baloney of course and it might just be that we have been more inclined to chance our luck than other clubs.

Following Christian Dailly's dismissal yesterday, it looks like we will challenge the decision. Tim Breacker was quick to say we will take a look at the video and made the oft-heard refrain that Dailly isn't "that sort of player." I don't think he is that sort of a player but it looked bad at the time and the Yeovil player's reaction seemed to indicate that they all thought they saw something malicious. The encouraging thing last night was that Terry Skiverton said he's seen the video and whilst he thought the ref got it right at the time, "it was clearly a clash of heads" and Sam Williams has confirmed as much himself. Case for the Defence your Honour.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the appeal is a success because my take is that this League is going to be very close [I think the standard is high not low as Yeovil proved yesterday] so that we need to keep winning whilst we have the momentum and Dailly is key to that.

Problem is that the authorities really don't like appeals on both philosophical [a retarded view that mistakes are all part of the game] and practical [they don't want dozens each week] grounds. If they have any reason to uphold the original decision they will. The "he's not that type of player" argument is a waste of time.