Sunday, 24 October 2010

The tension builds

Today's the day all Charlton fans long for with eager anticipation every year. Better than Christmas morning as a six year-old, it's the day when we are reminded of our proud F A Cup win a mere 63 years ago and all of those famous efforts since to win it again.

It's the day when the ball with our number on it (12) enters the F A Cup draw for the first time. Traditionally this occurs sometime in early December but one of the few perks of being in League One is that we get to start the competition in the First Round.

If you think about it, winning the competition from the Third Round is practically cheating. True winners should really beat all-comers from the First Round and so we get the opportunity to do it properly nowadays.

I will be glued to ITV this afternoon and with butterflies fluttering in the tum I am hoping for a home tie against one of the big boys. Bournemouth, Colchester or Rochdale would make mouth-watering opponents and give us the opportunity to expunge from our memories the skid-mark that was Northwich Victoria last season. Fingers-crossed everyone.


  1. Bournemouth, Colchester and Rochdale making "mouth-watering opponets". I hope this was supposed to be ironic....!

  2. Tres droll Davide!

    Pembury Addick

  3. Barnett away then. Suppose I'll go....

  4. Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

  5. Watching the draw yesterday, I found it amused me to let out a loud "Oooooh", as if I was watching some spectacular fireworks after every draw.

    To hear Rosenthal et al talk about "plum ties" when describing a team of plucky nobodies against a team of slightly less plucky nobodies really did make me wonder how our team have managed to get lumped in with this crowd.

    So, beaten at Barnet to "concentrate on the league", or a glorious 2 match cup run?


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