Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pre-match Brighton

What a week! I literally haven't stopped from waking up until falling asleep everyday. I am very tired and will be up again tomorrow morning at 5am in order to catch the Mumbai flight. I will be working in India until Thursday night when I fly back from Bangalore. So, no posting this week and I will probably struggle next week too.

I intended to post after Scotland's 3-2 defeat at Hampden but didn't get the opportunity and was locked in a workshop at Heathrow on Thursday and Friday. In brief, the scoreline flattered Scotland. Spain were incredibly comfortable on the ball and if Torres, Xabi and Fabregas had been available, we might have all been back in the pub before the match finished. I will see three or four of the remaining qualifiers next Autumn but qualification looks beyond us.

I am just starting to prepare for this afternoon's match. Apart from getting my shoes on and confirming pre-match drinks, I am thinking about the game. Brighton arrive on top of the table and will be noisily backed by 3200 fans who will come with expectations of a repeat of their Valley win last year. That might just bring the best out of us and I am feeling optimistic that we can see them off. It's high time we scored first and if we can do that, it might just be a sobering message for Gus Poyet's boys. We have the personnel to close the game out if we focus and get our tactics right.  I'm going for 2-0 and will take Benson and Reid to do the damage.


  1. I too thought today might be a chance for our team to show what they are about.
    Unfortunately, that's just what they did!
    The first goal was scored in slow motion as everyone waited for offside. It looked it from my angle but probably wasn't. Goal 2 was just appalling comedy 'defending'. Goal 3 actually had me applauding the well worked free kick and goal 4 was just a case of everyone not caring anymore.
    I'm not sure where we go from here.
    We can't get new players or a new manager. The longed for investment seems to be just pie in the sky.
    I'd love to believe we have hit rock bottom.
    Please tell me we can't go down any further...

  2. Marco - we have to believe we have enough about us to avoid a serious relegation battle but having seen the last two relegations, they both started with performances like today's and an inability by the managers to get any response to halt the decline.


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