Monday, 25 October 2010

Disgusting greed

If any reminder were needed this weekend about the sad state that our national game is in, we got it from Wayne Rooney and his despicable management team. In the week of austerity measures and when Portsmouth FC nearly went to the wall again, Rooney was cynically manipulated to extort a hefty ransom from Manchester United to prevent him moving on. Having forced a reported £200,000 a week deal worth £50m over five years, he had the temerity to tell United he was staying and he withdrew his comments about their lack of ambition. All this from a player whose form has been shot since the World Cup and who again been embroiled in prostitute scandals. For me, Rooney has crossed the line and he deserves nothing but contempt.

The fact is, myopic United fans don't have too great a sense of reality when it comes to money (or class) and will, most likely, quickly forget this once Rooney manages another goal. I am surprised that Sir Alex has let this happen. It doesn't show him in a good light and I am left wondering whether or not the decision was forced on him to some extent. They say no player is bigger than the club, but you have to wonder at this.

No doubt the Rooney camp will be puffing on cigars this weekend and he will be getting pissed in a 7 star hotel in Dubai this week. Football fans have long memories and never will the chant of "one greedy Bastard" be more appropriate as swaggers his way through the rest of his career.


  1. I have been trying to find the words to write something on the Rooney farce. I wish I found those ^^ . Well said Dave.

  2. Ah but you forget Dave that "we are all in this together", as our glorious unelected leaders have told us.

    While Rooney is lounging about in 7 star luxury, being 'injured', last week a lady who helps run our after school club was ill & had to pay someone else to take over her shift. There wasn't the money to pay the second lady. Rooney gets paid regardless of form, illness or attitude.

    I've just thought about it & it will take me approximately 6 and half years to earn what he will now get each week.

    As a teacher, it's also unlikely that I'll get any extras for being in advertisements or endorsing products.

    On the plus side, I can hold my head up high and feel I'm making a difference in society, rather than bleeding it dry.

  3. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Disgusting greed":

    Dave - although I agree with you about the level of greed in football I'm not sure Ferguson hasn't been rather clever.

    He now has Rooney on a five year contract - with the relevant value should another club try to poach him - something that wasn't the case with his current contract nearing it's end. Ferguson is long renowned at moving players on when the timing suits him and this may well be the case this time. When it suits Ferguson not Rooney!



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