Monday, 20 September 2010

Thin on the ground

It's hard work blogging right now. There's a paucity of anything much to write about. Our side is uninspiring and our fans are flat. The message-board on Charlton Life has had far more non-football related threads in recent weeks and visitor numbers to this site have tailed off and that's not just because I'm posting less. The early season euphoria is well and truly over.

At this point I usually look at what our neighbours are doing. Respective gates this season will be interesting as we struggle to retain our "number one in south London" tag. Palace got the boost of being saved in the pre-season and having come out of Administration and their four games so far have averaged 15,484) which puts them top of the heap. We are second on 15,171 with a fourth game to come although we are unlikely to make up that difference in just one game (need a 16,423 gate). Millwall trail on 12,150 and it's a real shame there weren't more there at the New Den on Saturday to see Watford hit them for six. I can't see Millwall challenging on the gate front this year.

A look at who Palace have played so far, tells you they have benefited from playing four of the more attractive clubs with decent travelling support (Leicester, Ipswich, Reading and Portsmouth). Certainly when compared with Bournemouth, Oldham and Notts County. I remain hopeful we can overhaul them this season but we need to start playing some football.


Anonymous said...

So its not just me then Dave?

I've struggled to say anything meaningful for a few weeks now ( my missus might say it is for a slightly longer period).

Like you I take a good look at the gates elsewhere. Whilst I know our average is down on last season, we compare favourably with about half the Championship or more. Burnley and Boro, who have a lot less to be unhappy about than us, are on about the same. Portsmouth, who apparently have such fantstic fans (but couldn't sell out in the Premiership)are no better than us either.

And if anyone moans about our singing again I would refer them to another unforgettable European night at Anfield last week - you could count on one hand the number of times the Kop made a meaningful noise.

In short, in terms of numbers and noise the Addicks faithful are doing alright.

And three points off the top can't be bad can it?

Definitely half full isn't it!

Pembury Addick

Phil said...

Indeed Dave, there is a paucity of blog updates of late, no more evident than following this weekend's game. I haven't done anything myself yet.
As PA says there's not too much to inspire one to comment a great deal altohugh work has impacted of late too.
It seems, as many would probably agree, that one is regurgitating the same old...well you decide on the adjective.
Hoepfully some exciting games with a few goals and the team playing together followed by a move up the table might inspire us.

Dave said...

PA - we are very fickle and should learn to have a little more resolve, but we still have suffer periods like now when it's not good viewing. As you say, at least we are competing in the table which bodes well should we turn the footballing corner soonish.

ChicagoAddick said...

What you guys need is a burricane - great source of stories :-)

Dave said...

Cat 1 hurricane? In the north-east of Scotland we call that "a fair breeze."