Thursday, 15 July 2010

Building from the back

Great news for all anxious Addicks today. Last season's Player of the Year, Christian Dailly has signed up for another campaign Valley. With the possible addition of a second right-back and a reserve goalkeeper, we should have the defensive capabilities we need to take us through the season barring serious injury problems. 

The focus must now turn to the search to get a couple of players who can get us 30 goals between them. The additional good news would appear to be the breaking story that we have paid off Izale McLeod. The hopeless waster has been milking us since he arrived and has shown his lack of professionalism on more than one occasion. I'm pleased we have washed our hands of him and won't now be tempted to give him yet another chance. He may have a bit of pace but he's no footballer. The story of him dancing away with his headphones at his first pre-match team-talk with Kenny Jackett says it all.

My hope this evening is that we make the bulk of signings next week just to give the side some time to get to know each other before we kick-off. Bournemouth will come to the Valley with a bouyant promotion-winning team who will be out to attract all the headlines on the opening day. We need to be ready for this and the London derby that will follow six days later at Brisbane Road.

Charlton `til I die!

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ChicagoAddick said...

Good stuff Dave. Reid next. Bring it on Charlton..