Saturday, 8 August 2009

Unknown Pleasures

I'm playing with the kids this morning whilst Mrs Peeps takes a thoroughly deserved lie-in. Ok, so I'm tapping away and playing with the kids. We're all happy. Last night, with the children soundly asleep, we watched Control, the expectedly depressing film about the short life of Ian Curtis. It was worth it just to be reminded of how often I listened to Joy Division's first album during the season we were relegated last from the second tier and again when we returned in 1981.

I have dark Joy Division riffs running through my head and they will likely continue all day. They won't depress me, not today, for it is the first day of a brand new season. Probably not a new dawn, but certainly a new day. I will be heading to the Bookmakers at Midday to have a small wager before I saunter back to the Royal Oak to watch the appetizer, Southampton v Millwall. There was a thread on Charlton Life yesterday about who we wanted to win - you know, Pardew v Millwall. The answer for me is the result that benefits my club most - a draw. Millwall should be the benchmark for a top ten finish and Southampton will have money to spend and be benefitting from new owner syndrome, something we would all love to be feeling at the Valley. Both sides will probably want to avoid defeat as mcuh as anything, so I suspect the game will be drawn.

Then on to the main event and I am hoping 15,000+ will enter the Valley and roar the Addicks on to a winning start, played with some panache and determination and hopefully a few goals. A quick post match pint in the Oak and maybe a saunter down to the Anchor if it looks bright enough to sit outside. Home early evening for a curry with Mrs Peeps and a sound night's sleep in the knowledge that it's my turn for the lie-in tomorrow.

Bury me in red and white!


Anonymous said...

Uncanny predictions in that post!

Suze said...

My thoughts just need the prediction for us being promoted!