Monday, 10 August 2009

Small signing ahead of League Cup tie

One of the longest transfers in recent history was completed today when former Sheffield Wednesday left winger, Wade Small, finally signed on the dotted line and will go straight into contention for tomorrow's 1st round League Cup encounter at Hereford United.

Small is a free agent, so his signing only adds to the wage bill but the significance of his signing should not be underestimated. He's likely to have commanded decent League One wages at very least and he had sniffs from Leeds, Norwich and Palace during the last 12 months. I'm not sure he's someone we desperately need, particularly as Nicky Bailey and Jonjo Shelvey are still here, although Bailey is no out and out left winger. It also brings into prospect a more balanced 4-4-2 formation when we play it and that could suit Deon Burton and Andy Gray.

On the back of Llera, Richardson and Dailly this brings the new faces to four and Phil Parkinson has talked about more, which makes you wonder if funding at Board level is now clearer, with or without a takeover. Speaking of which, the latest rumours, fuelled by more Mail on Sunday "in-the-know" speculation this week is that there may be an announcement tomorrow that it's a done-deal.

I started Jury Service this week so won't be able to attend the game at Edgar Street, although I should be honest and say that wild Bulls couldn't drag me to a 1st round away League Cup tie. I will be testing the all new CAFC TV though....


Suze said...

Sounds to me as though we signed him just in time, even if it is on a non-contract basis. With Dailly, Llera, Richardson, Shelvey and Sam already out Parkinson says, we are struggling for numbers.

That wild bull wouldn't be a Hereford one then?!

ChicagoAddick said...

I hope you are as impressed with CAFC TV as I was. It was good Saturday. Mind you when all the 'best' commentators bugger off to cover Premier League guff, we may be left with that bird again (sorry Suze).

Dave said...

I have to admit to not having even logged on since April. I had to have several goes last night in order to remember my password.