Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ritchie Humphreys

Remember him? A one time starlet at Sheffield Wednesday, he has been plying his trade at Hartlepool under Chris Turner since 2001. We are unlikely to face him on Saturday as the 32 year has been injured.

By coincidence, I was at Victoria Park when he made his debut against Mansfield Town. It was a one-off trip I thought at the time in order to do my 92nd league ground. Humphreys was the only player I knew playing for the Pools and I have to say he remains just that. I never envisaged making a trip for a league game less than ten years later.

The interesting thing about Humphreys is that he was dropped shortly after his debut to make way for a certain Gordon Watson, a former Sheffield Wednesday team-mate and, of course, Charlton hero and Charlton fan. Humphreys fought his way back into the side that season and ended up with a successful partnership with our Gordon. Shame we won't see him in a way.

Parky is rightfully acknowledging that we need a proven goalscorer and more strength in defence. Burton, Gray, Dickson, Fleetwood and McLeod - did you hear that? Your boss believes we need a proven goalscorer, although let us all hope we don't recruit Tresor Kandol as he is already a proven miss in the class of those we already employ. This lot need to deliver in the next three games. We can't afford misses like those at Hereford.

There is also talk of Zander Diamond being targetted from Aberdeen. As a long time Dons fan, yes please! He is very experienced for 24 and was once talked of in terms of the English Premier League. Aberdeen are desperate to slash their wage bill and Diamond would be affordable. He would also give us something we don't get with Christian Dailly - more than 12 or 18 months before he will be hanging up his boots.

Charlton til I die!

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