Monday, 6 July 2009

Wright to Scunthorpe whilst Holland trains with Colchester

Josh Wright has found someone willing to pay him the £1200 a week he believes his Gillingham promotion cameo deserves. I hope he finds living/travelling/playing for Scunthorpe is worth the extra few hundred quid he's presumably getting. Meanwhile, Matt Holland is obviously as unimpressed with his League One wages offer, as he is saving money on travelling to Sparrows Lane by training with his local side, Colchester, whilst he waits to see if there is a better deal in the offing. Presumably a matching offer to Wright's at Scunthorpe won't beat what we have offered Holland?

It's sad to see one of our star youth products departing the club under such circumstances but needs must when the devil drives etc. We can't complain too much if we live to regret this. Matt Holland's situation is also disappointing but presumably the differential in wages from what he was on to the new offer is too great for him to accept and he has to look around and see if there's a better offer. It would be easy to take the view that Matt has been earning a good screw for a number of years and that he owes us some loyalty, but the bottom line is the offer available might be derisory given affordability and League One football.

More questions and potential bile for Richard Murray and Derek Chappell to deal with then on Thursday. I suspect they will want to hang on to Shelvey, Bailey and Racon until next week at least!


Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind Richard Murray is prepared to write off £7.5m , I trust that nobody gives him any bile .
Bearing in mind the success we have had over the last 20years of his stewardship in comparison to most of the other 80 years of our existence, we should build a statue to him !!!!!!

Suze said...

The lure of the Championship...well, for Josh Wright, at least!

The harsh reality of dropping two divisions, and losing the extra revenue given this season, makes the gap ever wider.

I don't think Matt owes us too much. He would've been on good wages, but at least he seemed to work for it!

Dave said...

Anon - couldn't agree more...