Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Time to concentrate on the team and the manager

The countdown on this blogsite tells me we have just over 25 days to the kick-off at home to Wycombe Wanderers. If the last 48 hours are anything to go by, that could feel like an eternity. I did no work yesterday and was instead surrounded by a battery of phones and computers, waiting like a 100 metre athlete for the gun. Nothing but a matter-of-fact update on the big friendly against Wexford Youths.

I know I am not alone here. This site had a hefty increase in hits on Sunday and a record daily total yesterday. As Charlton fans, we have been treated appalling by the club since our relegation. "Appalling" was the word used by Mick Collins over the weekend in terms of the lack of communication, and him a former boss when the club had a communications department. I'm not expecting anyone to spill the beans or tell us the ins and outs of what's not been going on, but we all know something is happening and it wouldn't be hard to provide regular updates of next to nothing. It's called managing expectations and it's what customer centric businesses do all the time to manage the "emotional" side of their businesses.

What's very hard to comprehend, is just how poorly the Board are behaving when they were once hailed as the leaders in this area. Having said that, it's always much easier to dispense good news and it takes bottle and conviction to do it when it's not so good. Richard Murray is beginning to catch a lot of the stick for the current situation both in terms of the mis-management of the communication as well as the impasse on the takeover. This could be completely unfair (and from what we all know of him, it probably is), however, without doing something about it, this is only going to intensify. Derek Chapple, of course, remains a shady character in the background because apart from a blurt once on Charlton Life and an appearance at a supporters meeting in Bromley (if I recall correctly), we've never heard from him. You have to ask what he paid his way onto the PLC Board for? As Chairman of that he has overseen a spectacular crash in the clubs fortunes and appears to have done nothing as it's happened around him, other than perhaps lead on cost-cutting measures. Perhaps there's been nothing else anyone could do?

No, there's nothing much that us ordinary season ticket holders can do but fret, complain, worry and generally suffer. Not, that is, until 8th August when we will all be turning up on the Board's doorstep and when they will feel the heat of the collective anger about the way we've been ignored whilst our club has become a laughing stock. They have 25 days then in which to sort something out.

In the meantime, we need to channel our energies towards the players and management team however unpalatable that might be for most of us bearing in mind it's largely the same personnel who walked into League One. We need to engender the spirit of the Lennie Lawrence days after we were shunted to Selhurst and get some backs-against-the-wall mentality going. Morale can't be good amongst the players and we will need the best possible start, so we all need to get behind the team and Phil Parkinson from the off.


Pembury Addick said...

I'm getting to the stage where I'm not wanting to go to the Valley again. The pain at the shite we've been playing has been a factor in discouraging me over the past couple of years.

Now it is because I feel distanced from "my club". I have no idea what is going on and who is doing what to whom. At least on the pitch I see whats going on; who is playing well, who isn't, and who the adversary is!

On the 8th we play a club who has just come up, is tight nit and well run, and will be gagging to take a crack at a former premier club. We are just a bloody husk, with god knows what going on behind the scenes, and a team/manager that has nothing but failure for the past 18 months.

C'est la guerre.

Pembury Addick

Terry Thomas said...

In May we all received a Season Ticket renewal form. The club then chose that moment to collectively go on holiday, the very time when the club should have been accruing its largest source of income through season ticket sales, it went quiet and made no effort to sell them. I have not renewed after 40 years of continuous support, but unlike any other efficient businesss, no effort has been made by the club to chase me up or find out why I haven't renewed. I have written to the club twice over this period and not received a reply.

Dave said...

I have to say that it's amazing that we have c 7500 paying season ticket renewals in the circumstances(c 1500 comps as I understand it). Hard to see any real improvement on this as things stand.

Chicago Addick said...

Dave, it is amazing considering people like Terry haven't renewed and in fact not one of my mates/family - all veterans of 20 years plus.

Good post mate.

Dave said...

CA - maybe they have taken a calculated risk on this too and spoofed the season ticket sales as well in an attempt to get a herd mentality going? I think we have to question just about everything at the moment bearing in mind the position we appear to be in. If their is anything Machiavellian going on, you would want to control who knew what very tightly and the silence from the Board since April has been impressive even if unforgiveable.

Chicago Addick said...

"and spoofed the season ticket sales"

*closes eyes and shakes head*