Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Royal Oak to re-open ahead of the Wycombe match

As predicted, the Royal Oak will be re-opening on Monday 3rd August in time to capitalise on the returning hordes of thirsty Addicks fans. As I understand it, the pub will be run by a publican who has over 30 pub leases, including the Rose of Denmark. A new manager will be installed although I wouldn't expect anything dramatic in the way of changes to the decor or layout of the pub just yet. I believe he is taking the pub on to see what the potential is prior to the freeholder re-letting the lease.

What I do know is that there will be a professional landlord on the premises again, the beer will be well stocked and the staff will once again be well managed, if not well motivated. I really do hope this is a turning point for the Royal Oak and that it leads to some long overdue stability and possibly some cosmetic changes in time to address the mistakes of the last development. In a strange way there are parallels between the fortunes of the Oak and our beloved football club. This could be an omen for changing fortunes all 'round. Fingers-crossed.


Suze said...

That's good news about the Royal Oak. Too many pubs are closing, and it would be good to have one of the institutions reopening on an even keel. I'm sure it'll work if managed properly.

Maybe you'll get a chance to savour some of the better hostelries, when you travel north on Friday!

Paul said...

Great news about the Oak, I take it the pub will re-open throughout the week and not just match days? I will do my bit for a local business by going in there as often as possible.

Hope you are right about the Oak and Charlton both undergoing a change in fortunes. Any truth in the rumour that the new landlord is installing Pardew as the pub manager?

Dave said...

Paul - opening all week I am told.

Dave said...

Suze - we're a mile away from the nearest pub in Norfolk but I believe the proprieter is Greek and does a fine meze, so I will get there at least once.

Suze said...

Ahhhh...I've not been there, but I think I know where you're off too.

Have a good time...whatever you do.