Friday, 3 July 2009

Power beats athleticism

Andy Murray was beaten in four sets today by a thundering service and dominant net game as Andy Roddick grasped his big chance of another Grand Slam final. Roddick took the first set when he broke at 4-4 and although he lost the second set 6-4 following an early break, he went on to win a tie-break in the third and another in the fourth. Murray has a decent tie-break record but Roddick had won over 80% of his in the last year.

Murray is only 22 and will have another day at Wimbledon but this was a great opportunity for him. He has had the upper hand on both Roddick and Federer in recent encounters and might have been thinking that this was his year. In spite of Roddick's performance today, it's hard now to see beyond Roger Federer and a record breaking Wimbledon win on Sunday. Murray might have had the game to beat Roger but you have to beat all-comers first and he failed at the penultimate hurdle.

Still, I can go to Gatwick on Sunday to pick up friends without fretting about what I might be missing.

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Suze said...

There is one element of the match that won the made the difference in Roddicks win. and that's Stefanki. You could see his influence in the style of game played. Couple that with the fastest and hardest serve in the's an indomitable force.
I'll be curious about tomorrow's final, but I doubt if I'll be watching...
A good thing yesterday...our ladies won the third ODI against the Aussies to take the series.