Saturday, 25 July 2009

Internet at 3.2kbps

Firmly ensconced in a Tudor farm house in the countryside outside Norwich. Apart from having scabs on the top of my head I have been surprised, when I really shouldn't have been, to find that we appear to be in a mobile blackspot. I can just about get a signal at the window at the top of the house but the connection is as slow as I remember it in 1997 when I first opened the Charlton Athletic website on a dial-up modem from a hotel in New York and was amazed to see the familiar red homepage revealed horizonal line by horizontal line.

No news of course, other than Phil Parkinson is promising to give youth a chance today. Strange decision if you ask me unless he seriously intends on players more youth players more often this season. Experience tells us Parky will be far more conservative when there are points at stake and if that's the case, then we really should be getting our first team act together. Yes we have another match on Tuesday but the squad is still big enough to play stronger sides now and cope. Perhaps including a flush of youth gives you some excuses in the event we get beaten.

One old hand who is unlikely to feature in Jon Fortune who appears to have accepted Championship wages at Sheffield United rather than what he's been offered. If he decides to go I think that will be a significant step, bearing in mind the fact that he's probably turning down a testimonial season in doing so.

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ScottyBoy said...

Indeed Jon Fortune played for Sheff Utd this afternoon, like him or not he was Charlton through and through and his departure can only be seen as a bad sign.