Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hudson to go for £700,000?

Latest internet drums say we have accepted Cardiff's bid for Mark Hudson and that he is settling his personal terms this week.The fee is thought to be in the region of £700,000 which represents a reasonable return in my view for a player we got in exchange for Paddy McCarthy plus £500,000. The Boardwill, no doubt, be more relieved not to be paying his wages. When Hudson joined, Neil Warnock bemoaned the fact that he had joined us but said that Palace simply couldn't compete in terms of salary. Clearly times have changed.

The fee, if £700,000, looks a bit of an added bonus as I am not sure our Board could have withstood a lower offer as their prime motivator would have been the wage bill.Having said that, I don't think we got the best from Hudson (or many of his contemporaries for that matter), and he may prove very good value for Cardiff. He is 27 and they can expect the best five or six years from him assuming he stays with them.

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