Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hudson gone for a million+

The OS has finally confirmed the sale of Mark Hudson to Cardiff City for £1,075,000 with a possible £250,000 additional payment if Cardiff reach the PL with him in the side. There is also a sell-on clause which will be well received by Addicks fans with longer memories than most.

This represents good business in my view and an acceptable price for a 27 year old centre half of Mark's experience and ability. Some will be surprised by the valuation but I am not. Hudson had a jittery start on his arrival from Palace and he will not look back on his season with the Addicks with over-fondness. He struggled as part of the defence to find any consistency until it was too late but, for me, he was one of the better performers in the side last year and I would like to have seen us hold on to him had we still been competing in the Championship.

The OS also began a strip tease yesterday, revealing part of the new home shirt. Someone with a Marketing qualification will have told them to use this ploy to excite interest and increase desire amongst Addicks fans to want to purchase the new shirt. Deary me, it's a red football shirt at the end of the day and we are all grown up enough to make our own minds up once we've seen the bloody thing. From the snapshot yesterday it looks a deeper red than is traditional, although more to my liking that some of the more garish reds of recent years.

In SW19, the Great Scot strolled into the semi-finals and must seriously be considering a final appearance against Federer, a man he has beaten four times in-a-row. My bet's looking home and dry....


Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

The club are going to have to do more than tease to convince us that the new kit is a worthy purchase.
2006/07 new Joma kits home & away
2007/08 new blue stripey away
2008/09 new h & a Carbrini sponsor
2009/10 new h & a again
2010/11 new supplier? Joma contract completed
That's definitley 7 kits in 4 seasons and potentially 9 in 5
Perfect way to alienate us all with utterly brainless and counter productive decisions

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the shirt. At best its tacky and amateurish. At worst it shows how much the club has lost touch with the fans.

Suze said...

Maybe that's the game supposed to make the youngsters come and read, and not just us...the cynics!

It's verified, we've signed Jack Clark on a one year professional contract...

Other than that...not too bad a piece of business. We were never going to get Ronaldo type transfer payments, but for Hudson, I'd say that's a fair amount...especially with the add-ons.

Ambrose is at that club...Warnock says he's wanted him for a long time...right okay!! I also note, that some ex-players could be, and have been moved along. Seems Wolves want Sunderland's Halford, and Jerome Thomas has been released by Pompey...more to the point there, is anyone surprised!

Suze said...

Oh...and I'll be watching tomorrow (second on). If he returns Roddick's big serve as we know he can...I'll be booked Sunday afternoon.

And some names from the past in the Ladies Invitation Doubles...