Saturday, 11 July 2009

Greenwich Beer & Jazz

Beer and jazz? More chalk and cheese than bread and honey if you ask me. Nonetheless the lure of the beer is sufficient to overcome my natural instinct to avoid the jazz. I will try and approach the music with an open mind and maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. The flyer I saw a few weeks backs decribed the jazz as "Traditional, Latin and Funk." I think I can manage the Trad jazz but Latin and Funk sound like I might be driven to a far corner of the venue.

The weather is much cooler today and the beer may be better for it. Drinking real ale on a hot Summer day is fantastic but the heat can rapidly age and spoil the beer. As fine as a good pint of ale is, an off one can ruin a session completely for me. So I will go nose first and probably follow the advice of a mate of mine who was there last night and will have sampled 20 or so already.

I am meeting up with a few Charlton lads I haven't seen since the season finished, so the main topic of conversation is a foregone conclusion. The crowd will be interesting in terms of the beer/jazz blend and I am looking forward to seeing how this festival works at the Naval College. I missed it last year as I was in Scotland although I attended most of the previous years when it was held in the old Town Hall in Royal Hill. More recently I have enjoyed the Dartford Beer festival although, sadly, that has been stopped for some weak excuse about behaviour and mess etc in the park. I was usually there from early afternoon until early evening and it always looked very well behaved and managed to me. It certainly attracted a decent crowd and there was something for everyone, including the kids.

More tomorrow, beer permitting.

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