Saturday, 18 July 2009

Club confirms approaches!

Finally. Posted late yesterday, the Official Site now carries confirmation of takeover talks. It doesn't say much other than that the Board of Directors continue to act in the best interests of Charlton Athletic and that over the last few months their have been approaches from interested parties. Note the emphasis on the plural here.

The other key words would appear to be "through an acquisition of some of the assets and liabilities of Charlton Athletic plc" and that they will "work towards ensuring that Charlton are prepard for the new season both on and off the pitch." I don't think we should read too much into the "some" word on the basis that it probably takes into account the fact that Richard Murray would retain ownership of Sparrows Lane in any deal, although the more paranoid amongst us might suspect that other assets are potentially being witheld from any deal in order to make the sale more affordable/likely? The final sentence stops short of saying it will be completed within the next few weeks but that's my take here.

It might be too little, too late but I take this as a positive sign that negotiations are continuing and the Board remain set on ensuring the Club moves on to a better financial footing.

Charlton forever!

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Suze said...

I think the sentence..."work towards ensuring that Charlton are prepared for the new season both on and off the pitch.", sounds as though they're hoping the deal will be done a reasonable time before the start of next season, and they can get those three contracts signed, plus maybe a little further strengthening here and there. I don't expect large money to be thrown around though, it'll be more tweaking.

At least, and at last, they're remembered there are fans out there. It may have been the obvious threats voiced in the waves of anger aimed at those who know, that have brought this statement forth, but it's there now, and will probably keep most fans placated for a couple of weeks.

There's not much more they can say until it's done and dusted.