Friday, 31 July 2009

The Cherries it is...

After a potential set-back earlier this week, when my better-half finally confirmed this Saturday as the one for a Hen night ahead of a September wedding, I am going to Bournemouth tomorrow. I had fallen on my sword after an understandable rant and said I would baby-sit, but she has since decided that she will not be going as her twin sister can't make it and she feels that Hen nights are behind her now. "As long as you are sure" I said. Yes!

So Bournemouth it is then and my decision was further supported by the fact that South West Trains appear to be running weekend returns anywhere on their network for a tenner! Only challenge right now is to find a mate who's going. There were at least half-a-dozen definites when the fixture was announced but they are thin on the ground as of yesterday. The weather is being used as a bit of an excuse as it looks like consistent rain through the afternoon (since when has that been a good enough reason not to follow the Addicks?).

So, Phil Parkinson, I am expecting a similar line-up to Tuesday evening's and an equally committed performance to give me a crumb of further comfort before we face the might of Wycombe Wanderers, a game I believe we should win in spite of our weakened squad and suspect morale.

On another note, I wandered by the Club Shop yesterday and noticed the new kit in the window. I had to look twice because it is not the "burgundy" red we saw when part-revealed on the Official Site or what I believe I saw us play in at Welling. No sir, it is the bright red of recent seasons. Was there a change of heart or are my eyes failing me? I have to say that it also looks far less busy than I remebered and it would look very good if we lost the white stripe which is not bold enough to quite be nostalgic.

C'mon you Reds!

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