Monday, 20 July 2009

9024 season tickets so far

It might not impress Norwich City fans but the Addicks season ticket sales clicked over 9000 this afternoon with every prospect of closing in on the five figure mark for the Wycombe Wanderers match. This means that we are likely to average over 10,000 this season. If the takeover succeeds before the start of the season and the new owners have the profile and backing to raise prospects of a this being a turning point, we could get a "bounce" and walk-up sales could be boosted as the club's more loyal supporters return to the club. One or two decent signings would make a huge difference, as would the hanging on to Shelvey and Bailey. A winning start would boost this further and a prolonged challenge might see the average climb closer to 15,000.

If the takeover doesn't materialise or they arrive with limited funds, then the bounce will obviously be smaller. If we struggle at home, then match-by-match sales will suffer, especially if the club stick to their stated position on matchday prices in order to "guarantee"season ticket savings.

At least we have been given the latest figure and it builds on Friday's much needed comment on the takeover and begins to make-up for the Club's recent abysmal communication record.

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