Friday, 26 June 2009

The window opens on Wednesday

The transfer window opens on Wednesday when clubs will be able to begin their dealings in earnest for players currently contracted elsewhere. The Valley has already seen what must be the least amount of player activity in League One so far this Summer as other clubs have concluded existing player issues as well as moving for out-of-contract players. This is not necessarily a bad thing, if you hang onto your squad, but we all know that the raiders lie in wait and that our best players will be first out of the door.

With Shelvey, Bailey and Hudson we have the prospect of bringing in the best part of £10m whilst continuing the purge on the clubs wage bill. The news of these transfers will be readily accepted by Addicks fans providing we get what we would consider the going rate (£5m for Shelvey, £2m for Bailey and £1m for Hudson?). I don't think there will be many who think we can afford to keep these players or that they don't deserve to be playing higher up the leagues. With that sort of money, we should be able to finance the rest of this season including some new faces to help fill the gaps and, hopefully, provide some leadership and renewed confidence for the season ahead.

I would expect some quick movement on the back of earlier negotiations as the club attempt to play catch-up in terms of our preparations for this critical season. Richard Murray and Derek Chappell address the supporters in person on 9th July and they will want to have some good news after the months of silence and the growing unrest amongst supporters of the lack of communication. As things stand, the second question they will face will be about Phil Parkinson's status and that will surely tell you all you need to know about the first question, if we haven't had a straight answer to that.

Parkinson and Kinsella were back with the squad yesterday as they work to regain full fitness. He was quoted in the News Shopper on-line yesterday saying he was pleased with the shape they have all returned in. No approaches "as far as he knows" for Jonjo Shelvey although that implies that he thinks there might be things he doesn't know! You're not alone there Parky my son.


Tony Wilson said...

I would be amazed if anyone paid one millions pounds for Hudson.

Kings Hill Addick said...


I fear that the transfer fees received for those three players could be much nearer to £5m than £10m. Hudson is on good money, Bailey has some faults that I suspect make him unlikely to make it in the Premier League and from what Richard Murray has said Shelvey has some kind of clause in his contract.

Dave said...


I think you may both be right here...


Suze said...

And with Warnock saying they couldn't even afford Gray's wage demands...and the length of time it's taking to renegotiate the "fours" contracts...I'm beginning to wonder if players know exactly where we are in the leagues!

There was speculation that Darren Randolph's signing was going to be announced Friday, but even that's all very quiet.