Monday, 22 June 2009

Tomorrow is 23rd June

The latest in a long line of rumoured D-Days in terms of takeover annoucements. I am sure it will prove to be just another piece of wishful thinking on behalf of supporters desperate for news. The Board have clearly decided that there will be no communication until they are ready to make a statement one way or the other and for that reason I don't believe there will be any delayed or planned announcement, just an announcement when a final decision is arrived at.

In the meantime, there is still precious little news and just over a fortnight before the first team go to Welling and we can begin to draw our own conclusions about who is managing the team and just what team is being put out. As things stand it's very hard, if nigh on impossible, to imagine that the survivors from last year's car-crash of a season have somehow been transformed into a team full of belief and conviction that they will sweep all before them this season. All they will be talking about is who's going to be leaving next and whether or not they will soon be getting a new boss. None of those offered new deals have yet accepted as far as we know, so morale can not be better than at the end of last season. The appointment of a new manager or confirmation of the existing one is surely the first step in any change process and players will take several weeks as a minimum to recruit once that decision has been taken. Apologies for the early negativity but that's how I see it right now and if we don't start taking action soon then it will cost us during the early part of the season when we need a flying start. If Phil Parkinson starts the season in charge he will already be on borrowed time and simply can't survive a slow start.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree , my money is on a straight through to Div 2
and I told the wife this time last year that we'd get relegated so I'm not a bad tipster.
There is no team spirit or leadership and there wasn't last year either