Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nothing doing at SE7

As Southampton prepare to ditch the manager who took them down last season in favour of the inspirational Kevin Keegan, we are still no closer to knowing who will be calling the shots at the Valley this season.

Whilst our League One rivals have begun to re-shape and prepare their squads for the season ahead, there has been no transfer activity in SE7 so far. Phil Parkinson, who is effectively acting Manager, has confirmed interest in Miguel Llera and Wade Small although no mention made of Peter Clarke or Liam Dickinson, both of whom we have apparently gone cold on. Parky has also been keen to tell us that there has been no interest yet from any buyers in our most marketable players; Zheng Zhi, Bailey, Racon or Shelvey. No news either that Forch or Matty Holland have accepted the offers they have been made. Perhaps we are suffeing from decision paralysis because there has been no breaking of the log-jam in terms of funding and without that there is a reluctance to or inability to bring in any new faces.

Whatever the reasons, the fact is that we have seven weeks to D-Day and we are beginning to run the risk of repeating previous mistakes of not being fully ready for the opening day of the season. I will do my pieces if we get off to a less-than-auspicious start and we hear the phrases about players not having time to gel and all those lame excuses. Everybody acknowledges that we need some real changes, fresh faces and big characters if we are to change the spirit in the camp and get some real belief that we can compete and win games in this division.

Come on Charlton, pull your finger out or at least communicate the intent. It's not good enough to offer a Q&A for 9th July and expect us all to sit here in silence until then. Again, I have to ask what Steve Waggott is doing? I know he's not skiving but there doesn't appear to be any output or productivity on the managerial or playing fronts. In the circumstances, no news is not good news.


Suze said...

I had hoped this would lighten the prolonged, drawn out, ever to happen? effort to move...but, no there seems a paralysis on both. Neither our seller, nor my club seem to have the wherewithal to do anything!

At present I feel like hitting something very hard...except that'd hurt...though...

Managerial decisions seem to be being made all over the leagues, but what do we do?! Seemingly nothing. I've tried to keep the faith, give the club time to work issues through, but it's now the 19 June...and as you say, weeks 'til D-Day...three weeks until that face to face. Unless something happens very shortly, there'll be a lot of very angry supporters going, and even more not, because they've not been given guarantees of anything...or even a hint.

I hope something comes to change that...and we get back to the way Charlton were...respected!!

Richard - A Red Divided said...

Dave ... I'm sure you've seen the news story on the official website, 'Phil's thoughts on fixtures'. This is the first I can remember us hearing from Parkinson since the end of the season. He talks like a man confident he will be taking the team into the new season and nothing has suggested anything to the contrary so far.

I have to say, I'm bitterly disappointed that we're not looking beyond Parkinson. It really is anybody's guess as to what's going on behind the scenes these days, have they just fallen into reluctant acceptance of the fact that the club is stuck with him for next season? Could they not be bothered to look at anybody else? Nothing happening on the transfer front either, has everybody just given this up as a bad joke?!

The next news story on the website urges fans to get their season ticket renewals in before the (revised) deadline. Given where we are, I'm not sure many will be rushing to do so.

Dave said...

Suze - must feel like deja vu for you what with your protracted house move! Dave.

Dave said...

Richard - I have to say that I felt exactly the same way when I read his comments i.e. he is assuming the role, however, I guess he has to do that until he knows where he stands? Irrespective of what whether we want him to stay or go, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that he is being treated shabbily. Dave.

Suze said...

The fixture comments are on site, posted later. Maybe they read your blog too, Dave. But, that doesn't answer the question about playing staff...and if, and who...are signing.

And it seems Matt LeTissier's consortium missed the deadline to sign, because of "finer details of membership of the League"....and there's an emergency meeting at the League on Monday to decide what to do about Southampton!