Wednesday, 10 June 2009

League One Opponents

The BBC has finally updated it's League tables to reflect the promotions and relegations of last season, and we are now firmly planted in the third tier of English football. The fixtures are due out on Wednesday/Thursday of next week when we will get a blunt reminder of our latest status. I have been giving some thought to who who I'd choose to play on the key dates of 09-10.

The opening day - it's never bad to have a home game but I'd swop that for an attractive away match. One that's within reasonable travelling distance and which offers us the prospect of an away win on the opening day of the season to throw down the gauntlet and to give you every hope of taking six from six after the following home match and sitting at the top of the table when the fledging calculations have been done. First choice would be Brighton or Southend, so we could expect to take a decent following and get maximum benefit from the Summer sunshine and make a weekend of it. Close second then would be MK Dons or Swindon. I will also say that I really wouldn't fancy Southampton or Norwich away on the opening day - I'm not sure we could expect to get results at their places on the first day and I'd rather play them once things have settled down. I'd also prefer not to have a London derby at home or away, although the chances of that are slim if history is anything to go by. If I was putting money on it, my hunch would be that we will be drawn against one of the promoted sides. The sadists who organise the fixtures seem to take some perverted pleasure from arranging these clashes for the first day. It's as if to remind both sets of supporters what last season has brought you. On the basis that Brentford, Wycombe and Gillingham could be viewed as local derbies, Exeter would look favourite to face one of the "big three" relegated from the Championship....

First home game - again, no London derbies please, none of the relegated sides or any of those promoted. I'd ideally like to see a side with a long journey to travel and someone solidly decent in League One. They would be a good benchmark and probably be most beatable; Carlisle, Hartlepool or Stockport?

Boxing Day - Millwall at home at 11am. If you have to play them, then is probably the best time. We are less likely to have to deal with too many ticketless, chip-on-shoulder, Millwall fans out to cause trouble if it's played before most of them wake up. Failing that, I hope it's a night game when their ugly faces will be dimly lit and less visible.

New Years Day - Leyton Orient or Brentford away would be my preference. Relatively easy to get to and the prospect of starting 2010 without a defeat.

Last day of the season - If we get the away start I'd like, then we can expect a home game to finish and you'd want to be playing a side down the bottom but safe from the drop.....


Ketts said...

Nice piece Dave but you will have to make one or two tweeks ro your wish list mate.

There will not be any New Year's Day games again this year,Saturday 2 January will be FA Cup Third Round day.

Also,if recent history is repeated,if the first match of the season is at home,the last game will be at home too.

Look forward to reading your revised schedule!

Suze said...

Where would I like to be first? I agree with a home match, with a regular League One team, we're going to be a big target as it is...I don't want Leeds and their ilk. Christmas and New Year...I agree with the Millwall thought...and I don't think I'd get to the Christmas match, but I wouldn't mind Norwich at New Year, just a short drive away...I can do that. The final game...definitely a home game, and again agree with that...someone who doesn't have anything to fight for.... all we have to do is wait for next Wednesday...less than a week now!

Dave said...

Ketts - no-one likes a nit-picker! Dave.