Tuesday, 23 June 2009

God loves a chancer

Whilst Charlton Athletic stagnate and prepare in the worst possible way for a landmark season in League One, fellow relegatees (is that a word?) Southampton, are going through the trials and tribulations of an actual takeover.

The Pinnacle group, who screwed up their submission last week to take control of Southampton, look like they are the best chance of avoiding the Saints going into Administration (properly) and possibly suffering a second relegation as a result. I am sure the Football League will ratify the Pinnacle proposal and they will, finally, manage to breathe some life into St Mary's. In making their appeal Pinnacle have had the audacity to challenge the 10 point deduction rightly handed down to the Saints at the end of last season for the loophole stunt they tried to pull by putting the football club into administration whilst keeping the holding company out of it. The Football League saw through that scam and Pinnacle are taking the proverbial if they think they can get 10 points back here.

This is very important for Charlton Athletic as we look likely to begin the season looking for four teams to finish above as opposed to the twenty-two it would need to gain automatic promotion. If we can avoid Administration ourselves, there is a good chance that the financial pressures of the downturn might throw up enough other victims to safeguard us from what would surely be the ultimate collapse of any former Premier League side. Administration looms large whilst the club continues to degenerate. Richard Murray and Derek Chappell might find the Q & A with supporters unusually hostile come 9th July if inaction continues.

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