Thursday, 11 June 2009

England fans - don't you just love `em?

I've put my tin hat on for this one. As a Scot, born-free, I feel entitled to make this comment - here goes. Why do so many England always have to be questioning someone's devotion to your cause?

Last night I received a text from a good friend during the national anthem. He wasn't very happy that Wayne Rooney wasn't singing the national anthem. Apparently he never sings a word of it and my mate obviously watches and notes this very closely. He then went on to make the accusation that maybe Rooney is still troubled by his Irish ancestry. I was doing something else at that moment, so hadn't seen this for myself and by the time I turned the game on I had already received another text. Yes, you've guessed it, it was a congratulatory message from the same England fan telling me that the great Rooney had opened the scoring!

I really don't understand this irrational view that certain England players have to be questioned, undervalued or despised. David Beckham and Frank Lampard are two others that immediately spring to mind. As a Scot, I know we have players that the fans are less keen to see pull on the national jersey, but it's almost always because they are less than capable players rather than anything else. We can even forgive them their playing allegiances for rival clubs e.g. the Celtic-Rangers nonsense. Oh to win seven in a row and be knocking six in at home!


Inspector Sands said...

I went to Wembley last night - not a big England fan but a ticket was going and it'd have been daft to turn it down.

The theory on all this I heard, and tend to agree with, came when Ashley Cole got booed for breathing. So many England fans come from smaller clubs, they never get the chance to give the over-paid oafs some stick at their own place. So England matches offer them the chance to do it, even though it's dismally counter-productive.

By the same token, the woman next to me went wild whenever David Beckham went anywhere near the ball. Strange stuff.

Dave said...

Inspector - I deliberately avoided using Cashley as one of my examples, because I can see why he's universally unpopular!

Suze said...

I have a very simple philosophy pull on an England shirt and you become part of me. I couldn't care less where you earn your fees, how much you gather to you...or what your origins are. You're part of my nation...playing the game I love...and as long as you do so with belief then...well, I cheer.
Oh, and that's for all sport...shame the cricket team couldn't put the equivalent of six past the South Africans yesterday!
And I'll be supporting the Brit...better known as a Scot, in tennis.

Dave said...

That's the spirit Suze. Should have expected nothing less from the Fens. I shall think of you more as Boudicca from now.

Anonymous said...

It seems some England supporters find it difficult to leave their tribal (club) support at home. Notably Man U supporters who have even sung anti-England songs (shame on them) As far as i'm concerned, when England play i support the whole team, not selected favourites.
It was nice to see so many youngsters at the Andorra game and was a good evening for them.
As for singing the 'National anthem' If i lined up to play for England (LOL) i wouldn't sing it either. Liz may be called 'The Queen of England' but actually she is the 'Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth' It ain't my anthem! It's time for an English Anthem.

Suze said...

We'll take London back from the Romans...even yet!

Marco. said...

I learned the National Anthem when I was in the cub scouts, in preparation for the Queen's silver jubilee in 1977.
I sang it with relish in those days.

Nowadays I never do. The Queen may be a lovely lady- I've never met her- but I couldn't care less if she was 'saved'.
I'd only be too happy to sing a song about my country, the land where I was born and live. I'm proud of our culture and the list of 'firsts' that have come from here.

An 'English' anthem would please me too. The other countries in the Union have their own so we should too.