Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Edgar Street - a new ground for diehards

The once mighty Addicks have been drawn away to Hereford United in the first round of the League Cup or whatever it's called today. A competition in which we have a truly appalling record and one in which we will start this season as far away from the final as it's possible to get.

The game will be played on 11th or 12th August, a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, and the good news for the diehards is that this will be a "new ground" for many. Our last visit was in a two-legged League Cup affair in the dark days of Selhurst Park, and my guess is that there weren't many Charlton fans who made the return visit, considering the fact that we were defending a 3-1 lead from the first leg. I have made the trip myself, many moons ago, when completing "the 92"and I saw them entertain the O's. I have a perfectly good excuse for not being amongst the hardy band who make the trip in August - I will be on Jury Service doing my piece for British justice.


Chicago Addick said...

I was at Edgar St for that 2nd leg - one of my all time favourite away days.

Jason said...

I was there in 1989. The ground and view from the away end was so crap that the only way we knew that Paul Williams was the scorer of our goal was to listen to the radio! Happy days indeed.

Suze said...

It's a shame it's midweek, I fancy a weekend in Hereford, it's a nice city.

And...is saying enjoy your service, too much...or just, have an interesting time, better.

Dave said...

Suze - I'd like to think both but from my previous experience I suspect I'll have to settle for "interesting.! Dave.