Sunday, 14 June 2009

Coming to terms with the status quo

I renewed my two season tickets on Friday and bought an U11's for my step-brother's boy. I am looking forward with eager anticipation to the fixtures this week and will, late holiday plans allowing, be making an effort to get to some of the friendlies so I can see who's on the touchline calling the shots, what the squad looks like and the attitude of the players.

No real new player news as yet but we have been linked for some weeks with MK Dons Spanish defender Miguel Llera (didn't he used to sponsor us?) as well as Derby's frontman Liam Dickinson. If there is any movement for either of these players it should reveal something about Parky's current involvement or not. He had a quote recently about how he'd love to be able to keep Therry Racon at the club but there's been precious little else -maybe just because he's on holiday?

The fabled takeover continues to be just that and you have to doubt now if it could be a powerful buy-out in the form of a Zabeel type offer. If someone with that sort of financial clout wanted to take control of the club you have to believe it would have been relatively straightforward and would have happened by now. I am inclined to think that the best we can hope for now is a significant investment from someone who perhaps wants to take a large or controlling interest but not necessarily to buy the club completely. If that were to happen, I think we would need to lower our expectations of new money and begin to look closley at what we have in terms of management and playing options.

The fact that Murray and Chappell have put their next Q&A session with supporters back to 9th July would also suggest that they believe they will still be around then with something that the fans would like to hear. Their view of how they sold the club lock, stock and barrel might not have the same appeal as a first update or reveal of what's been going on, or not, as the case may be. In the event of a buyout in the meanime I guess they could just cancel although I suspect they wouldn't have agreed the session in the first place on that basis.

In conclusion then, I think we need to start coming to terms with Parkinson on the touchline and a squad with a limited number of fresh faces and a re-start playing League One football. I will get behind the side come 8th August although Phil Parkinson will need a strong start if the wailing and gnashing of teeth is to be kept at bay. That would also mean a relatively settled first team squad with real belief and determination, which is a lot to ask from the remnants of a relegated team who struggled to believe they could win matches throughout last season. I'm not sure I could face another season of major disappointment.

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Anonymous said...

My sense is that almost anything could happen next season, but if the Club were to sign Llera and Dickinson and keep Zheng we might be looking at a very competitive side. I'd be happy with Parky as manager if the players were right.