Friday, 5 June 2009

8,000+ season tickets sold...

News from the Valley that "6 out of 10" season ticket holders have already renewed their season tickets for next year. The number processed so far was given as 7,625 and that should climb to over 8000 when all applications received by the 1st June cut-off have been processed. 

I have to admit to being surprised and pleased at the same time that the figure is, in the circumstances, so high. There was no financial incentive to renew by 1st June this year and the chance and consequences of losing your seat are negligible on these volumes, so 8,000 is a commendable figure and makes 10,000 a realistic number before the season kicks off. At this point I am reminded that I have yet to renew as I was stalled by the club's policy on proof of age for juniors, so must get over to Bexley and sort my step-nephew's out.

Assuming we sell 10,000 seasons, we should have every prospect of averaging around the 13,000 mark allowing for matchday sales and limited visiting numbers, irrespective of how we fare. A season spent challenging for promotion would offer every hope of raising that average towards 15,000, which would be a commendable effort for League One especially considering the battering we've taken in the last three years.

I'll reserve final judgement for now, but maybe, just maybe, the club have got the season ticket renewal policy just about right and may have succeeded in maximising return on optimum season ticket renewals. In which case I will happily eat my slice of the humble pie.

News too of contracts; Holland, Fortune, Zhi and Randolph have been made offers although it remains to see who will take them. Presumably Holland because he's in his twilight years and will fancy Charlton for post-player work and Fortune because he's due a testimonial season? Those exiting stage left include Ambrose (Palace deal not done yet Suze!), Todorov, Weaver, Thomas, Yussuf and Arter. I wish them all the best but they don't look like players we can afford to carry in League One. Josh Wright is currently taking to other clubs, so it looks like we are not going to stop him from securing the £1200 a week he believes he deserves to play League One football.

Up the Addicks!

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Suze said...

I noticed, thank you.

I too haven't renewed, but that's to do with our circumstances too, and not Charltons. We have to finalise one or two things first.