Thursday, 21 May 2009

Transfer window to be abolished?

Football League Chairman, Lord Mawhinney has expressed a desire to see the transfer window system abolished for domestic transfers. He believes the FIFA ruling on transfer windows was introduced primarily to regulate the movement of players between countries and that is obviously far less of a problem for Football League clubs.

The Football League don't have the power to change the current set-up which is why Mawhinney is effectively lobbying the government via the Culture Minister for a change. FIFA don't have a great track record of listening to others let alone anyone from these islands, so any changes are likely some way off. 

However, I'm not sure a change would benefit a club like ours. The fact that the big boys are limited to do their dealings in the three months of January, July and August has probably helped us over the years. Imagine how things might chnage if clubs with money could bring in a Carlos Tevez type player for the last ten games of the season to help them avoid relegation? The fact that the windows are relatively short also helps the smaller club get more value for their player sales when buying clubs often need to move quickly to conclude a deal and avoid losing players to rival clubs. 

Meanwhile, no announcement so far this week from the Valley and the fear that there is nothing to these rumours grow. I remain confident that something is going on behind the scenes and that the silence is what you would expect following the enormous disappointment of the aborted Zabeel deal in January. If there was nothing in it, I am sure Peter Varney would have said as much before now rather than remain silent knowing this would encourage speculation and false optimism. If we start to see any significant player decisions being made by the current management team, that will be time to ridicule these rumours and get back to the wailing and knashing of teeth. 

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Anonymous said...

I think doing away with the window is a good idea. In the past we've sold players at the last moment and then been unable to replace them. The other thing that needs to happen is clubs to tell players "you've signed a 3 year contract your staying unless we say otherwise end of".