Thursday, 21 May 2009

This is the weekend where...

Newcastle lose at Villa and Alan Shearer's managerial gamble goes horribly wrong. Iain Dowie will be wearing that clueless expression not normally associated with rocket scientists and will have another glimpse of failure to add to his CV. The blind Toon Army will back him through next season but anything short of automatic promotion and he may fall from grace.

Sheffield United and Burnley should play out a nail-biter for Premier League glory. Very hard to separate these but my money's on the Blades to nick it and cap a heart-breaking season for Burnley.

Millwall will be roared on by 45,000 plus at Wembley. I don't want to play them next season but I suspect they might not enjoy being favourites and the weight of expectation might prove too great. If they lose expect widespread disturbances on Sunday night as the drink takes effect and tempers fray.

Surely Shrewsbury will manage to beat Gillingham again after putting seven passed them in the league early in the season and getting a 2-2 draw at Priestfield.  

Rangers will close out the SPL title amid acrimony at Celtic for blowing it.

Charlton fans will continue to shift uncomfortably in their seats in the absence of any anticipated changes. It's high time we had a comment one way or another from Mr Varney. We only want to know if there's any truth in the rumour or not. It's not too much to ask is it?


Chicago Addick said...

45,000 Millwall 'fans' and 7,000 Scunny. Oh dear.

Dave said...

David and Goliath methinks ;-)

Suze said...

And we know what happened in that story!