Monday, 18 May 2009

Steve Coppell anyone?

Steve Coppell is not everyone's cup of tea as a manager. He walked out of Maine Road after only 30 odd days in charge and has resigned from other positions when he has felt he has not been as successfull as he should have been. He was prepared to do the honourable thing after Reading were relegated last year from the Premier but was persuaded to stay on. He lead Reading to within a win of automatic promotion this season and had to suffer defeat in the play-offs. On the back of that he has put his hands up and resigned saying he should have done better than fail to win in any of the last 9 home games. 

Coppell's managerial history is impressive and he has a track record of making the play-offs and getting sides promoted, not to mention the F A Cup final with Palace. His achievement of finishing 8th with Reading in their first year in the Premier League matched Alan Curbishley's with Charlton even if they were relegated last year. 

For me, he appears to be a Charlton-sort. He does his talking through his team and has a down-to-earth approach to life. His ability to motivate players and get the most from what he's got has been amply demonstrated and I believe he would make an excellent choice to rebuild our side to challenge for promotion next season assuming our financial situation were to change significantly for the better with new investment. 

The rumoured new Boardroom takeover includes a view that Curbs would be reinstalled as manager. This would be immediately popular and whilst Curbs' options appear to be increasingly limited elsewhere, I am still not sure he is ready yet to acknowledge his failure to progress from West Ham by returning to the Valley. Reading, however, might look a better option for Curbs - still a Championship side and with Madjeski backing....


Anonymous said...

No thanks - his salary was about £600k at Reading - way beyond what we can currently afford as a tier three club; he has stated he wants a holiday before getting another role - which compromises our need for an appointment at the earliest opportunity; and he's an ex-manager of our rivals.


Kings Hill Addick said...

I'd be more than happy with Coppell as manager.

I believe that Curbishley would be successful if he came back. However, I'm not sure that he would ever be able to settle again on the basis that he left us to go on to better things, and I don't believe that he really thinks he failed. By the way I don't think he failed either.

Coppell, on the other hand, would probably get us back to the top (top six-ish) of the Championship if he hung around for a few years.

I just don't see him wanting the job. His demeanour when he was interviewed suggested that he really wanted a break. Maybe he would be a great candidate if/when Parkinson goes in November.

Richard said...

Agree with you Dave ... I think Coppell would be a sound choice. I read somewhere last week that Parkinson was a possible replacement for him at Reading - that is a swap I would be more than happy with!

The Reading job appears to suit Curbishley down to the ground (based in the south, supportive chairman etc.) but I think the job will be tougher than it looks. The squad they have had together there for such a long time is breaking up and it may be difficult to replicate their form next season.

Dave said...

Pedro - we might be able to afford him if we were taken over? They all talk about needing a break but many are quickly tempted back, although Coppell looks like he has more principles than most, so you might have a point there. As for a former Palace manager, we'd quickly forget that if he lead us to a quick promotion - Dave.