Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sadness, anger and hope

Just back from a fantastic weeks break in Cyprus (Paphos and the west/south). I had every intention of doing some blogging whilst I was away but was simply too busy. At £6 a meg, mobile blogging was out of the question and I found myself out of easy access of an internet cafe. Mine host is still awaiting connectivity to the WWW at his sumptious new gaff so I have enjoyed the break in more sense than one.

So, I have returned all eager-beaver and have been catching up all day on what's been going on everywhere and not just all things CAFC.

First, I was saddened to learn of the unexpected death of Rose of Denmark barman, Dave Fowler, on 6th May. I had heard that Dave had been taken into hospital prior to my departure. He has had a smoking related illness for quite some time but he actually died as a result of a fall/stroke whilst in hospital although it's not clear in what order. David Hatch from SE3Addick's FotopagePage has paid Dave a fitting tribute and his collage of visiting fans for this season is now displayed above the bar in the Rose and says it all really.

Dave Fowler was a quiet man but missed nothing. I think it's fair to say he was uncomplicated and very much at home working in the Rose. West Ham through and through, I was very pleased to see that that the Hammers emblem had been added to his shirt in the photo above. Dave would have loved that.

On a more depressing note, I return to the developing furore about MP's expenses. I try not to get involved in politics here for a number of reasons, not just because it's primarily a Charlton blog, but I have to comment on this. We are now seeing many of our politicians for the hypocrites we've always suspected they are and it's sickening. The fact that it's not party-specific doesn't help matters either as it simply reinforces the notion that it's all about ambition, greed and power irrespective of the slant they have taken. How many people don't realise they have paid their mortgage off 18 months ago? If you forget to tell the tax man you have starting working again and have claimed unemployment benefit for 18 months you are brought before the court and they laugh at excuses like this. I sincerely hope we see some prosecutions here and that they aren't simply allowed to repay their way out of it. I can reclaim my legitimate expenses at work but if I hired a helicopter to go to a meeting in Birmingham, I would expect the sack for taking the piss. How Sir Gerald Kaufman can say he has more serious constituency issues to deal with when questioned over why he tried to buy an £8500 television on expenses, I don't know. Either way, expect to see the electorate take revenge on the fraudsters at the next elections as the largest number of new MP's ever enters the House of Commons.

And finally, some hope. I have today heard strengthening rumours of a Peter Varney-lead boardroom takeover with money-men from the middle-east. The talk is of an annoucement this week. It would be a massive shot in the arm if it happens and might go some way to finally lifting the gloom at the Valley and bringing real hope for 2009-10.


Anonymous said...

The most depressing aspect of the MP's expenses debacle is how yet again it clearly illustrates the fact that very few people have any genuine, individual integrity or independence of thought. No doubt most of the MPs involved here simply assumed that because everbody else was doing it, it must be OK. So few people have their own sense of what is right and wrong. "I was only following orders". "Everybody else was doing it". "Other Banks had bigger SIVs than we did" etc etc.

I hope you are right about the takeover.

VFF said...

Good to have your blog back with some chicago addick holiday goings on.

The expenses thing is definitely taking the rise. I only hope protest votes don't go to the far right in the europeans.

Good to hear strengthing rumours. It is very quiet on the takeover front apart from a few positive noises here and there.

The current board look to want to keep parkinson which is not encouraging for next season in a strong looking league 1.

With some investment to hold the team together, and get a couple of new additions with a good manager, we could do well.

Maybe we could all enjoy the summer.

vff said...

Is that the great central defender Les Berry on the banner heading? Had a really good campaign in division 3 (1) last time we were there.

Dave said...

Anon - yes, precious little personal integrity, lax control and a "fill-your-boots" mentality. Euro MP's are the same; they have a daily allowance they can claim which they refer to informally as "SISO" which stands for sign-in and sod-off. This is the straw that will break Labour's back. The demoralising alternative is the thought of a chinless wonder government of Tory public schoolboys.

Dave said...

VFF - hardly a comparison with Marco Polo Chicago Addick now living in Bermuda! The Zabeel experience will probably ensure any new deal is kept as quiet as possible. If something is happening in the background, you wouldn't expect any action to be taken on Parkinson or any other significant player deals and so far so good if that is an indicator. If significant new investment does come, then I would agree that we have the nucleus of a side that can challenge in League One if it means we can keep Hudson, Bailey and Shelvey. Dave.

Dave said...

VFF - Yes that is the much maligned Les Berry, although I chose that picture for the amazing crowd on the East Terrace. It was taken from the 4-1 thrashing we handed out to Spurs when the official attendance was, in my view, at least 15,000 short of what was actually in the Valley that day. I believe that was the biggest crowd since the 50's and was between 40,000 and 50,000.

vff said...

You did miss out some scenic detail of tavernas and white sandy / rocky beaches. Difficult for most to keep up with chicago addick, but a holiday is a holiday and not to be sniffed at.

Les Berry, I always remember being unspectacular but steady.

Classic game, charlton vs tottenham. The East terrace was packed. Mike flannagan scored a hatrick in 11/12 mins.One of our classic games alongside the 4-0 drubbing of chelsea.

vff said...

The blogs great. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I was at that game with 3 friends all Spurs supporters who had come to see Charlton get a tanking. What a great feeling to see our Boys take them apart.
One of the best days in my football supporting life thanks for reminding me.
It was very quiet in the car going home

sillav nitram said...

i would like to know where you get your rumours from, re;peter varney takeover?

no one else seems to be telling the story, newspapers etc.,

so, are you just trying to create interest, stir up a fuss and get us fans hoping for a miracle. or, is there indeed, any truth in your report?

come on man, tell us the truth or should we lynch you, for false pretences?

Dave said...

Sillav - it was a whisper from a friend who knows people I don't. The South London Press had a piece a few weeks ago about this and Varney was contacted by them but declined to comment. In any event, there's no harm in creating interest is there? I'll keep my eyes peeled for the lynch mob! Dave.

sillav nitram said...

sorry dave have to disagree. as a fan desperate for a miracle, i really don't want false pretences, particularly ones as big as a takeover. things are bad enough, without having hopes dashed, as in the zabeel fiasco!!!

the lynch mob are saddling up their horses!