Saturday, 23 May 2009

Gills at the Valley next year

I had hoped that this weekend might see the gloom begin to lift for Addicks fans. Shrewsbury beating the Gills would have at least meant that we could look down on at least one of our nearest neighbours. Instead Gillingham took the game to Town and thoroughly deserved their last minute winner after creating a number of goal-scoring chances in the first half. Josh Wright played a mature 90 minutes in the holding midfield role and nearly broke the deadlock in the first half but his drive through a crowd of players was saved. It's a recurring statement this season, but how the mighty have fallen.

It's also interesting to hear our name in the clutch of those offered by commentators for the Gills to drool over. There seems to be an expectation that "Charlton and Norwich" will somehow be favourites for promotion next season. Without serious investment, Charlton will be fighting to stay in League One and I believe Norwich might be in a similar position. Meanwhile, Southampton will be lucky not to suffer another relegation if they go into Administration.  

Fortune (Charlton's misfortune) would appear to suggest Millwall will be promoted tomorrow to finish the rubbing of salt into the massive Addick wounds. As I have said before, I shan't cry if we don't have to play them next season (or ever again) but I will still manage a 24-hour smirk if they lose.  

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Anonymous said...

I seem to be in the minority, but i am pleased for the Gills and welcome them to League 1.
Yes i know their Chairman is a bit of a plum.
When i first got into football i lived in Gravesend. Going to Charlton or Gillingham in journey distance and time was about even. My mate supported Charlton and so that's who i chose. 40 years later i still support Charlton and always will. However i've always kept an eye on the Gills and indeed Gravesend & Northfleet (now Ebbsfleet)
I wonder how long before all three are in the same division ? :) :)
Today however, i am a supporter of Scunthorpe. I don't relish the visit of the Scum to The Valley. but i detest the thought of them above us.
Come on the Iron !