Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Charlton's poor away following

If the figures shared on Charlton Life today are to be believed, then our average away following was 708 for the season. Knowing that we were on a rock bottom 300-odd for the final matches as all hope had gone, I guess I was surprised that the average might be as high at 708, particularly as they were precious few derby matches at which to skew the average - both Palace and QPR were night games too.

More surprising then, that ours was the smallest away support in the division. Palace averaged 1090, Barnsley 1200 and Doncaster 1508. I was immediately suspicious of the Donny and Tykes numbers but it has been pointed out on the thread that South Yorks derby matches (both Sheffield's) and the games against Preston, Burnley and Blackpool may have helped them both here. Looking for some excuses, we did have the worst away record in the division to go with our support, managing only two wins - at Doncaster and Southampton. Let's hope our away form wasn't because of our away support. I looked to the top of the table to contradict this worrying theory only to find it was table-toppers Wolves with 2808!

If we were to compare away support as a percentage of home gates, then the picture would worsen still - something like 3-4%. I know actual home attendances were well below those published but that was presumably a factor of us playing so poorly at home and they would have been closer to the paying numbers given if performances had been better.

If the above logic holds true, then we should see a healthy improvement next season (certainly as a percentage of home gates), what with the increase in local derby games and the south-east-centric nature of the rest of the division. I am guessing too that there will be a number of new grounds for some of our younger fans as well and if we have a half-decent season we should improve on 700 in spite of the opposition. Everyone I have spoken to recently tells me they are fired-up and looking forward to doing more away games this coming year. Let's see those fixtures please!


Anonymous said...

Not really surprising though is it?
When our team has produced two, arguably three, consecutive seasons of dross. It wasn't easy for many to motivate theirselves to go to home games, let alone aways.

Dave said...

Daggs - I have to say it was a record low for me in terms of aways - Watford, Doncaster, Palace, QPR and Norwich. Last time I did less than this was 79-80! Dave.