Friday, 1 May 2009

Blades to swell Palace crowd

With all of the talk about desperate Norwich fans buying tickets in home areas at the Valley just to be there on Sunday, Sheffield United have no such problem as Palace have allocated them the whole of the Half-hour Wait stand. That means there will be 7,000 United fans in north Croydon tomorrow and Place might give us a run for our official  gate for a change. Palace can do this, of course, because their season ticket holder fit easily into the Holmesdale and they can segregate the side-stand quite easily.

As it's the last day, I am guessing they might have had 14,000 there, so add in the United fans and they could be looking at c 21,000. With 15,500 season tickets and 3200 Norwich fans, we will have c 19,000 before match-day sales. With season ticket absenteeism this season and tickets being recycled, match-day sales have suffered as we've played relegation football. I would expect several thousand day-trippers to turn-out for the farewell, so we should just pip Palace in my view. 

Millwall's turnout at Carlisle isn't expected to create similar problems. The all-ticket affair will see much more modest numbers as Millwall fans save their money for the boot-watering prospect of play-off clash with Leeds United.  

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