Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I did it again today for the third day in succession; I immediately went to the Championship page on the Beeb. I have now bookmarked League One and will try harder tomorrow.

Being a Championship side meant I kept an eye on what was going on in the Premiership, in the same way that I had a passing interest in the Champions League results when we were ourselves Premier League. I was dropping someone off last night so listened half-interested as the Gunners crashed out of Europe. I know Chelsea have a crunch game tonight but I have packing for a holiday to sort out and there might be something interesting on the box that will distract me from Stamford Bridge. A couple of channel hops to keep track of the score is all it should need.

No, my horizons need to be lowered, so I have scoured the League One page and guess what? It's clear-out time. Leyton Orient 8, Carlisle 6, Swindon 13. Players released I mean. Charlton must surely announce something close to the top end of that lot soon, and how many players respective clubs bring in will determine how much stronger or weaker they might be than last season. I say this on the basis that the modern game depends on relatively larger squads. Very few sides are able to go through a term with less than 20 playing first teamers. Tactics now demand differing formations at home and away; managers are under more pressure to keep squad members happy and the pace of the game brings more injuries. The days of a side winning the league with only 14 players featuring are long gone.

I am hoping Millwall will make the Championship because I will not look forward to playing them next season. However you look at it, it's two thoroughly unpleasant afternoons. Instead, I will wish Kenny Jackett well and pray that we pass each other when we are next promoted, whenever that may be.

I am actually going to be in Cyprus from Friday for a week and will be the guest of one of Millwall's finest. So, I am going to watch both play-off games and cheer the Lions on. It will be that much easier as I can't bare Leeds United!


Suze said...

Well, enjoy your deserve the break.

You keep that Championship link open though...we seem to still be there for the time being...maybe they're just toying with us.

Dave said...

Thanks Suze. If only they were toying with us, or it is all a bad dream and we are going to wake up....

Suze said...

Have season will be the dream! ;)

And your wishing must have worked last night.