Monday, 27 April 2009

The wind of change

Rumours of a Boardroom takeover gathered pace this weekend with the on-line story in the South London Press that Peter Varney is heading a consortium of wealthy backers. There wasn't much to support the claim but Varney has apparently refused to deny the story when questioned by the SLP. This has been smouldering away in the background for a few weeks and comments from Richard Murray don't clarify the situation one way or the other - "it's no secret that the club is looking for financial investment." 

Phil Parkinson's chances of leading the Addicks next season also appear more remote based upon the continuing poor sequence of results and his own demeanour in post-match interviews of late where he is refusing point-blank to be drawn on the subject or even, dare I say it, speaking in the future tense.

Timing is probably the issue here in terms of the rumours. If (and it's still a big if) there is anything serious being planned, then anyone involved would be looking to maximise the impact of any announcement and the last day of this appalling season would be just the time. It's probably the prime time to inspire season ticket renewals and any significant change at the top would surely mean a new manager with whom to give responsibility for rebuilding the team. Timing, therefore, has maybe got as much to do with the growing mutterings of an annoucement at the weekend.

It might also account for the nudge-nudge, wink-wink message I got this morning telling me to back Jurgen Klinsmann as the next manager!  What I do know, is that expectations are growing of major changes and the status quo will look increasingly unattractive come August.

Sky Sports at 7.30pm - Norwich v Reading - a taster for Sunday.

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